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My game world is interactive, the map is hand drawn. every dungeon is deadly.   I prefer 5 players in my campaigns. but once there is a group of 4 it will be the parties decision if they want to find a fifth or more.  though no more than 8 players in a campaign









Campaign Settings


The world has had 300 years of peace under the rule of the Shadow Princess.  In a flash everything changed with the death of her beloved Baby Brother and his Draconic Tutor Zynna, Warmheart the Last of the Gold Dragons.  The Drums of war sound, as Peza the Shadow Princess Rallies men and women from every corner of her empire to march through a portal and enter the Shadow Realm.


its been 20 years since the Necromancer Died.  Hoards of zombies and Ghouls still roam the lands once controlled by the city of Four Kings.  Yesterday something strange happened.  Magic that ever faithful tool of the wizard and cleric, stopped working, just for an hour, but ever since magic has felt off, nothing major but still the Scent of change is in the air. 


Yesterday the Armies returned home.  The shadow wars are over.  Peza the Shadow Princess has finally defeated the Council of Shadow walkers.  after 200 years of war the Empire is in shambles, the horns of revolution are sounding in all 4 corners.  what will happen?  which side will you choose?



for the past 50 years magic has become more and more unreliable.  the elven forest that as stood since the beginning of time is starting to die.  The Mage Towers that once were a center of power and learning are a shell of what they once were.  many a wizard has blown themselves to pieces with on the path to finding a way to correct the instability that plagues the bedrock of magic.  will you brave the the unsteady currents of magic?


Out of the Central Mountain Range, Marched 5 men who destroyed everything they saw.  a rolling tide of endless undead. Growing with every city, every farm, with every man, woman, and child they meet.  within week the sprawling trade Metropolis of Four Kings was overrun.  from there the armies split in 4 directions north to the Elven woods, south to the Dwarven mines, west to the Gnomish isles, and east to lock the human horse lords behind their shining walls.  Where will you make your stand?


its been over 100 years since magic started going wonky, but recently new materials have been discovered that correct the flows of magic.  with this newfound resource Lords and Ladies all over the land have started a desperate search for any spell book they can find.  is this new resource in time to save the last of the elven forests?  will the first tree still yet die?


The Queens Road that has for so long been the lifeblood of trade and travel has been replaced. The Royal Locomotive Rail Line was Recently completed by a joint effort of the Royal House of Andor, and the Royal house of Star Harbor.  Construction on the Naga Line running north to  Elwood and South to the Dwarven Mines has recently begun.  With new lines of Travel and New Weapons being Developed all the time, Where will you go? and what will you do when you get there?


you are apart of the crescent isles federation, or were hired by them.  Recently some person or group has been sabotaging the war effort, burning ships in the harbor, spoiling food supplies, poisoning wells.  your mission if you choose to accept it is to find the responsible parties and put and end to their ability to harm the war effort.

We must all obey the great law of change. It is the most powerful law of nature.
— Edmund Burke


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