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I have been playing Dungeons and Dragons on pen and paper since i was 16 years old.  I had a friend who had the books and character sheets, and we all got together one weekend and played for the first time.  but my first introduction to Dungeons and Dragons as not then, it was with a computer game based on 2nd edition called Ice Wind Dale.  I didn't play much Dungeons and Dragons in high school, I didn't gm much either. not until I got back into it in college after i watched the original Roll Play.  from there I have spent 2200 hours playing and GMIng on Roll 20 since may of 2013.  I got my start Game Mastering Professionally in July of 2017 when the Coach of a League of Legends Pro House Approached me to run a short game as a Team Building Exercise.  Since then I have started 2 Long Term Traditional Campaigns in the Post Shadow wars Campaign Setting.


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