Elemental Plains

Elemental Plains


It all started when...

It's been 40 years since the Necromancer Died.  Hoards of zombies and Ghouls still roam the lands once controlled by the city of Four Kings.  Yesterday something strange happened.  Magic that ever faithful tool of the wizard and cleric, stopped working, just for an hour, but ever since magic has felt off, nothing major but still the Scent of change is in the air.

It has been 1 year since the day magic started going bad, one year since the day the ground itself rose up in anger and attempted to destroy everything living.  many people have been searching for the answer as to why this happened, most rumors seem to point to a man who calls himself mist, who is purported to be the man Cyrus Tyrdule, a Great hero of the Necromancer Wars that had torn apart the Central Kingdom 40 years back.  no one seems to sure what exactly caused it but the Church of Nethys has put out a 100,000 Gold Piece Bounty on his Living Head, and 15,000 on his dead body.  also the Existence of Several Elemental Dragons has come to light in the past 6 months as they have started to carve out their own territories.

The Eastern Side of Sylvar the Elves Home Forest Burns Day and night with the fires of the Hundreds of Fire elementals that Flooded up out of Syrreth the Ancient Volcano that had lain dormant near the coast for centuries.  From the deserts to the south fire elementals have been traveling north for the past months and their fires they burn heading towards their Presumed Leader The Dragon.

The Sky's over the Ruins of Four Kings now Flock with Elementals, Both Air and Lightning.  so thick that you could scarcely breath if they did not rip you apart before you had the chance.  there the Wind Dragon has made its home in the Midst of the Ancient Magic of the Shadow Princess that has Kept the Center of the Continent Livable by pulling Clouds Coasts Over and Around the previously Indomitable Mountain Ranges.  many fear that it will disrupt the currents that have so long kept their crops fed with rain and leave them in ruins, not unlike the Necromancer did.

  The Sea Currents to the West that were Ever the province of the Gnomes and Elves(men were more River Folk) of Star Harbor now run amuck with Water Elementals that have flooded down the 3 great rivers.  shipping has become much more dangerous and one one has seen head or hair of the much dreaded pirate Fink Illusion Rider in months.  the massive twin cities of Star Harbor now stand in a deadlock between Elves wanting to focus their forces on the Sea, Men on the Rivers whose skies are Flocked with Air elementals, and the Gnomes who are Split Right down the middle, and whos king has not been seen outside his castle since it all started.

 Many Theories Exist about the Location of the Earthen Dragon.  but it has appeared but once, when it Consumed the town of Yhaibus in central Andor, over the course of about 30 seconds the city was turned from a thriving metropolis to so much dust, it started with the tower at the center of the city, in an instant it sunk into the ground leaving no trace other than a gaping hole out of which flew the Great Dragon followed by a horde Elementals of Stone and Metal which flattened every stone in the city, and killed all who lived there leaving few survivors who were near the walls and fled.  Rumors of more Esoteric Creatures of Precious Stone and other rare minerals were also reported but none have ever been substantiated outside of that one event.  most of the rumors surrounding the Earth Dragon's Location comes from a number of Rumors that the Dwarfs now have a new Enemy that they are not talking about.  But is absolutely not the Ancient Enemy they have been battling for the past several Thousand Years.  

 Magic has become even more unstable with every spellcast having a roughly 1 in 100 chance of doing nothing whatsoever and a 1 in 100 chance of causing an unintended Effect.  the Mages guild and the churches have lists out that seem to support that Theory that divine and Arcane Magics are Affected Identically. Rumors of Research into preventing these unpredictable happenings abound, with every ameteur spellcaster in every bar has a different theory on what to do to prevent it but neither the mage's tower nor any of the churches have reported finding anything that works to stop the failure of spells.