The Shadow Wars

The Shadow Wars


The SHadow War

The world has had 300 years of peace under the rule of the Shadow Princess.  In a flash everything changed with the death of her beloved Baby Brother and his Draconic Tutor Zynna, Warmheart the Last of the Gold Dragons.  The Drums of war sound, as Peza the Shadow Princess Rallies men and women from every corner of her empire to march through a portal and enter the Shadow Realm.

In the north sits the Core of the Empire's Power.  Elwood rises around the first tree.  the seat of the ancient elven throne.  the seat the shadow princess has not sat on in the 300 years since she took it from her father.  Previously home to the last of the great gold dragons, Elwood was the Hub of magical learning, as Zynna warmheart attempted to pass on all her vast stores of knowledge gathered over the thousands of years she had lived.  Surrounded by a magical Forest, protected by the ancient council of the fey, Elwood is the Second largest city on the continent.  

to the west sits Star Harbor, the island metropolis, a hodgepodge of all the sentient races, it once was the lord of all the Islands of the Western Sea, and all the rivers of the Land.  with a majority of its citizens of gnomish origin, Star harbor is the Invention capital of the empire, and all the most recent technology has come from there. even with roads and aqueducts coming from Elwood.  

to the east sits Caemlyn the Shining Star of the Eastern Plains.  the home of the horse lords, and the second greatest school to the magical arts Headed by an ancient copper dragon.  

to the South sits a city whose name is known only to its residents, this most distant, and largest of the empire's population cities.  in countless underground caverns this city fills an entire mountain many many miles deep.  this most mysterious of the empires domains was already at war.